What is sabrage?

Sabrage is a great way to start any party – particularly a wedding reception.

The tradition goes particularly well at the moment before the cutting of the wedding cake by the bride and groom. The master of ceremonies calls for silence whilst the bride and groom sabrage a bottle of champagne. The secret is to hit the champagne cork with the sabre at the correct angle and with the right degree of pressure to send the cork spectacularly flying through the air.

Ken Chaproniere is an Officer Maître-Sabreur of the order of the Golden Sabre – Le Confrérie de Sabre d’Or – and he will make sure that all goes well and guide the bride and groom through the simple and straightforward process.

Once the the bottle is opened, the champagne is poured while the sabre can be used to make the initial cut into the wedding cake while the happy couple make their wish together. This provides an excellent and unusual photography opportunity.

Each guest is then presented with a glass of champagne in readiness for the conclusion of the speeches and the toast to the bride and groom, which is traditionally offered by the bride’s father.

Sabrage is a rare skill, so why not talk to Ken Chaproniere today about introducing this exciting element into your wedding breakfast.


Opening a bottle of champagne with a sabre is a time honoured art and tradition, started by Cavalry Officers in Napoleon’s army